Gydle is actively involved in large-scale research programs conducted by leaders in the fields of genomics. Gydle's bioinformatics expertise in data analysis combined with proven experience in delivering quality results through collaborative tools and superior customer service contribute to the scientific success and efficient management of these research projects.

Arborea is a tree genomics research project supported by Genome Canada and Genome Quebec. Arborea's website

Its mission is to contribute to the durable development of forests through the identification of genes linked to the natural variability of growth and wood properties of spruce trees. Its multidisciplinary research team develops tools for the genetic selection of trees, advances the discovery of new knowledge and helps to train young scientists. Through its promotion of excellence, Arborea will deliver scientific outputs and socio-economic benefits to the community, and will contribute to position Canada as a leading nation in forest genomics.

EmbryoGENE is a pan-Canadian research network supported by NSERC (Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada) and various industry partners. EmbryoGENE's website

Its goal is to address important issues concerning embryo development in livestock through the understanding of the genome and epigenome of the normal embryo.