The Gydle Advantage applications benefits
  • Sequencing & gene discovery
  • Gene expression analysis
  • Population genetics
  • Comparative genomics
  • Functional genomics & epigenetics
  • Pathways & systems biology
  • Bioinformatics tailored to your needs
  • Plan strategy & results
  • Access world-class expertise
  • Get predictable results, fast
  • Manage your web-hosted projects
  • Collaborate easily in real-time

Complete bioinformatics solutions

  • Easy Data Production – Gydle helps you select the best technology platform for your needs and handles data collection, processing and quality control to deliver interpretable results of predictable quality.
  • Optimal NextGen Sequencing – Get the most of NGS technologies with titration runs, real-time processing and unique analysis tools to ensure rapid production of high quality data.
  • Advanced Gene Catalogues – Based on EST sequencing or genome annotation, our gene catalogues combine ease of use and advanced biological models to accelerate gene discovery and genomics studies.
  • SNP Genetic Solutions – Discover SNPs from NextGen and Sanger sequences, construct biomarker panels and design high-throughput genotyping solutions using Genotyping by sequencing (GBS) or Genotyping arrays (e.g GoldenGate/Infinium).
  • Custom Microarrays – Gydle designs oligo microarrays tailored to your needs with a choice of formats, manufacturer and content for gene expression, CNV, epigenetics, genotyping and DNA capture.
  • Data Integration & Visualization – Integrate and visualize functional genomics data from your web browser.
  • Collaborative Project Hosting – Gydle's web hosting solutions let you organize your data and access it securely from anywhere, enabling efficient project management and productive collaborations.

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